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Global CSR Strategy

SABIC has a strong culture of giving and volunteerism that complements our commitment to sustainability. This culture inspires our investments in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that create lasting, positive impacts throughout our global communities.

In 2015, we began our global CSR strategic tool, RAISE, to guide our approach to charitable donations, sponsorships, partnership, and employee-volunteer programs. We use RAISE – Reputation, Audience, Innovation, Strategy, and Endurance – to select programs that elevate SABIC’s brand, address community needs, and promote our values. RAISE prioritizes four strategic focus areas: Science & Technology Education, Environmental Protection, Health & Wellness, and Water & Sustainable Agriculture, supporting SABIC’s 2025 strategy and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The focus areas also promote nine of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are designed to address society’s most pressing needs by 2030.

GLOBAL CSR Strategy Objectives

  • Align with Corporate Strategy
  • CSR integral to Sustainability Umbrella
  • Consistent global approach
  • Brand recognition and thought leadership
  • Create lasting value


To develop CSR initiatives that achieve the maximum positive impact and support sustainable development at scale, we leverage a stakeholder driven strategy that directs internal and external collaboration, and identifies opportunities. The process assesses global mega-trends, including impacts from climate change, trends in urbanization and consumerism, and advances in economics and technology. Insights developed with stakeholders enable us to connect CSR initiatives with our 2025 strategy.

SABIC’S global CSR strategy - known as RAISE – Promotes giving back to and the supporting the communities where SABIC operates and its employees live. The RAISE strategy is designed to maximize SABIC’S CSR impact by developing and implementing innovative CSR initiatives and encouraging employee participation and volunteerism.

Guiding our overall CSR strategy is the RAISE strategic tool, which uses the following criteria to evaluate the potential positive impact of initiatives:

  • RReputation
  • Does it raise SABIC’s overall visibility and reflect positively on corporate identity?
  • AAudience
  • Does it address community needs and engage key stakeholders?
  • IInnovation
  • Does it include a novel approach or new technology that distinguishes SABIC leadership?
  • SStrategy
  • Does it complement business interests and align with company values?
  • EEndurance
  • Does it promote a socially responsible culture and generate a positive and lasting impact?

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