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Protection of the Environment and Human Health, Safety, and Security (EHSS)

EHSS is one of the foundations of all of our business activities. Our internal and external stakeholders - from employees, leaders and contract partners to our customers and our communities – expect and demand that we excel in protection of human health, safety, security, and the environment. Excellence in EHSS requires commitment, a supportive culture, and systems and processes that enable everyone working within and alongside SABIC to meet this expectation. The main elements of our EHSS programs are explained in more detail below.

EHSS Culture

Culture is a critical factor within any organization. Without the right culture, no organization can achieve its goals and ambitions, even with excellent processes and systems. That is why SABIC strives to promote a culture where EHSS excellence is owned, valued and inherent in everything we do, so that EHSS is a core value for everyone involved. Across SABIC we integrate this thinking into all of our business activities with an expectation that we will not compromise EHSS in order to achieve our wider business goals. SABIC and its affiliates’ leaders are expected to reinforce their commitment to an incident-free workplace by ensuring that every activity is subject to strict EHSS risk management principles and procedures, conducted with the utmost care and compliance even if this implies more time and effort.

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