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SABIC’s chemicals portfolio constitutes the most basic building blocks of a large variety of other chemicals and advanced materials, ultimately enabling the manufacture of a vast range of industrial and consumer goods.

Thanks to our global investments in the latest technology and our ambition to be the preferred world leader in chemicals, our manufacturing plants produce a wide range of world-class products – glycols, aromatics and derivatives, olefins, and oxygenates, as well as a variety of functional chemicals.


Aromatics are liquid in nature. They can be used in the production of styrene homopolymers and copolymers for end applications such as dairy products, packaging materials and sheets. They can also be used in the production of BPA, methyl methacrylate (MMA) and chloroform intermediate.

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Butyl Glycol Ether

Butyl Glycol Ethers (BGE) are liquid in nature. They can be used in solvent-based coatings, industrial water-based coatings, architectural water-borne coatings, household and industrial cleaners, rust removers, hard surface cleaners, disinfectants and solvent-based silk screen printing inks.

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Chlor Alkali products are liquid in nature. They can be used as organic solvents, in the production of PVC, soaps and detergents. They can also be used in acid neutralization, bleaching in papermaking and cotton processing, and petroleum refining.

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Ethanolamines are liquid in nature. They can be used in the production of ethylene diamine, taurin, dyestuffs, 2-mercaptothiazol & phenyl, morpholine and glyphosate., in gas sweetening and as concrete additives.

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Ethoxylates are liquid in nature and can be used as a raw material in the production of lauryl ether sulphates for shampoo, shower gels, liquid soaps, dishwashing liquids and liquid detergents, homecare items, textiles, leather, industrial & institutional cleaning products, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, printing and inks, cosmetics and crop protection.

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Ethyleneamines are liquid in nature. They can be used in the production of bleach activator, chelating agents, corrosion inhibitors, elastomeric fibersfungicides, fuel additives, mineral processing aids, pharmaceutical intermediate, asphalt additives, fabric softeners, epoxy curing agents, surfactants and textile additives.

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Gases product family

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Glycols are liquid in nature. They can be used in the production of PET, antifreeze solution, brake fluid, coolant and in the dehydration of gases.

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Linear Alpha Olefins

LAO are liquid in nature. They can be used as polyethylene comonomers, in plasticizer alcohols, polyalpha olefin, surfactants, alkylphenols, linear alkylbenzene and heavy alkyl benzene.

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Natural Detergent Alcohol

Natural Detergent Alcohol product family

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Olefins & Gases

Olefins & Gases product family. Olefins are liquid in nature. They can be used in the production of polyethylene, ethylene dichloride, ethanol, styrene, glycols, acrylonitrile, propylene glycols, cumene, butyraldehydes, acrolein and synthetic rubber

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OXO Alcohols & Performance Monomers

Oxo Alcohols are liquid in nature. They can be used in the production of plasticizers (DOP, TOTM and DOTP), in paints and coatings and the production of nutyl acrylate, butyl acetate and butyl glycols ethers. They can also be used in acrylic sheets, molding compounds, surface coatings, impact modifiers, shoe sole sealings and in B&C applications such as flooring, cables and wires, cladding, roof membranes, PVC pipes and flooring and hoses.

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Oxygenates are liquid in nature. They can be used in the production of formaldehyde, to produce acetic acid, fuels, solvents and methyl derivatives. In addition they can be used as a gasoline blending component to boost its octane number.

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