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We are well established across the Asia region with a reputation as sector leaders. We offer exciting and challenging career opportunities to graduates and students.

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Your first job at SABIC will be based on your personal competencies. However, when you are ready for your next step, you could opt to switch departments or even sectors. We believe in allowing you to find your own path—as long as your skills match what we are looking for.


SABIC really invests in careers, offering an Early Career Program (ECP) to newly qualified graduates. We take a select number of graduates each year and invest in a robust development program that gives exposure to each function and its seniors leaders. The development program aims to build a foundation of expertise for our business through a combination of diverse assignments, rotations, and focused development.

The various ECP programs vary in length from one to two years and split into rotations in the key areas of the function in which a graduate works. Graduates are exposed to a range of experiences, such as on-the-job training, formal learning and development courses, coaching, and informal mentoring. In addition, we offer robust work assignments and networking opportunities. Click the link below for an overview of the ECP programs.

Early Career Program Brochure Download

Within SABIC we have an ECP in the following functional areas:

  • manufacturing, EHSS, projects and engineering (SEeD)
  • finance (FDP)
  • IT (ITEC)
  • procurement (SPEED)
  • supply chain (SCDP)

SABIC is looking to add more ECPs over the next couple of years in other key functions.

If you have the passion to succeed in an exciting, challenging, and diverse environment, check our regional vacancies to find Early Career Program postings, including entry requirements and information on how to apply.


We offer vacation internships to undergraduates and post-graduate students in established universities in Asia. We also work in collaboration with students on business cases or work placements.

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