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The young, family owned EfektPlus is a compelling case of how innovation and strong value chain relationships can enable a rapid growing business. Founded by the Szeliga family in 2006, EfektPlus grew into one of the largest producers of stretch film in Europe; producing an astonishing 120 thousand tons per year. The company offers a wide product portfolio comprising of manual, machine and jumbo stretch films, both transparent and colored, with different stretch properties.

EfektPlus prides itself for their state-of-the-art equipment, including the world’s largest cast line of stretch film. The tailor-made equipment is an impressive 6-meter wide stretch film production line with an output of 40 thousand tons per year. Such wide production line enables economies of scale, energy efficiency and fast lead times.


SABIC was the first company to cooperate with EfektPlus. Since its foundation, SABIC and EfektPlus have built a strong relationship based on trust, innovation and reliability.

As the Szeligas invested in innovative technologies to expand their cast lines, they have been collaborating with SABIC as their main supplier for suitable PE grades for their flat and extrusion lines. An iconic example was a customized solution that SABIC developed for their 6-meter cast production line, which enabled the running of SABIC’s material in wide scale lines while safeguarding the lightweight, stretch and resilience properties of EfektPlus products.

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