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SABIC Leadership Way is about adopting a common mindset. A set of behaviors that  we all commit to in our daily work. It is both challenging and rewarding. We step out of our comfort zone and shift the way that we do some things in order to achieve a bigger common goal. How will you benefit? Imagine it, if we all enrich our personal experiences and improve our skills. We will all feel more energized. Improving the working environment for both you and for your colleagues.

For your personal success at SABIC, you are asked to embrace the SABIC Leadership Way behaviors. Make a commitment to be authentic and courageous, even in the face of doubt, fear, competition or any other concerns. To listen, accept challenges and explore what matters, deliberately and purposefully. To be accountable for your actions and the actions of others.  We call this, "Be the Impact".

Be the Impact

There are many ways to be the impact. You can be the impact for SABIC, by being a role model for our values and leading by example. You can be the impact for our customers, by collaborating with them and making a measurable difference to their business. You can be the impact for our people, by mentoring and inspiring them to unlock their full potential. We defined four principles to Be the Impact, Be a Talent Champion,  Be a Collaboration Partner, Be an Innovation Pioneer and Be an Excellence Driver.


Do you welcome and provide feedback? Your professional development is partly based on your dedication to learning and partly based on how you advocate for others. Do you develop the careers of others? Do you provide useful feedback that helps others to improve? Through meaningful dialogue. Regular two-way conversations to mentor, encourage and inspire the people around you. Helping them reach their full potential. Then putting that talent into the right teams to address every challenge. That is what we see as real leadership.


Do you welcome different perspectives? Innovation is at the heart of our business and our future. We embrace seeking and finding new ways of doing things. Innovation is a mindset. We expect leaders to drive this mindset. To prepare now for challenges in the future. Can you rise above conventional thinking by finding new solutions, new perspectives and new ideas? All the while, with a sense of curiosity and an ‘everything is possible’ attitude.


Do you stick to your commitments? It’s about delivering on your promises and commitments. Taking responsibility and making things happen. Having the mentality of a winner. Empowering people. Can you instill a feeling of ownership and accountability in your team? A true SABIC leader continually strives to be a shining beacon of excellence. When you and your team prototype solutions, the work is not done. In fact, the work of continuous improvement has only just started.


Do you demonstrate the courage to speak up? Listen and take the time to consider what colleagues or customers are saying and respond appropriately. Build and maintain long-term relationships through trust and respect. Cooperate by defining common goals through partnerships which lead to shared success.

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