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Water is the world’s most precious resource. SABIC’s new pipe materials and partnerships are making sure it can be delivered efficiently to the people and places that need it.

Having a reliable water supply is essential. Not just for human wellbeing, but for the many areas of life that depend on it, from agriculture to industry. With growing, urbanising populations and many areas of the world subject to water scarcity, it’s more important than ever that water doesn’t go to waste.

Yet today, 25-50% of water that is distributed globally is lost. Leakage is the biggest problem, with most of the losses caused by leaking water pipes. Better pipes can therefore play a pivotal role in combating water loss and getting this vital resource to where it’s needed.

Plastic has for some time offered a superior alternative to traditional pipe materials such as steel, concrete or clay. It resists corrosion and abrasion, is lighter and easier to install, and its smooth inner surface means water can be pumped with less energy.

Now, with SABIC’s new BiAx Pipe Technology, plastic water pipes can be better still.

We have created resins optimized for “biaxial” stretching, which enables our manufacturing partners to create a new generation of pipes that are even lighter, stronger and more cost- and energy-efficient. With BiAx Pipe Technology, pipes can be thinner, so they use at least 30% less material. BiAx also makes pipes more resistant to slow-crack growth and abrasion, prolonging their lifespan. And plastic pipes can now have even smoother inner walls, reducing the energy needed to move water around even further.

Together with our partners, SABIC is using advanced materials to address one of the most urgent issues in a fast-growing world.


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