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One day, radar will function as our eyes on the road. Right now, radar sensors are already helping us to see and drive better. They form part of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that, in many modern automobiles, help drivers avoid collisions, brake in an emergency, regulate speed, and see past blind spots.

In the future, radar will be at the heart of systems that enable fully autonomous, or driverless, vehicles to sense and react to their surroundings.

It’s essential that the radar transmitters embedded in a vehicle have a clear view of the road ahead. To achieve this, their field of vision is enhanced with radar-absorbing materials that reduce the effect of “side waves” that can cause ghost images or trigger unwanted actions or alarms.

To meet the need for better performance, SABIC has introduced two new radar-absorbing LNPTM STAT-KONTM compounds. These compounds feature high radio frequency absorption, helping to improve signal resolution and increase a sensor’s detection range. In a market that is developing and innovating fast, we’re working with suppliers and automobile manufacturers to create components that enhance ADAS systems.

It’s an important move forward on the road to safer driving today - and driverless technology tomorrow.


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