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Our partnerships are helping to cut greenhouse gases, reduce waste and educate young people about sustainability.

Transforming waste CO2 into fertilizer

At our CO2 capture and purification mega-plant, we can reuse up to half a million tons of waste emissions that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. A significant amount of the captured CO2 is used to produce urea, a common nitrogen-based agri-nutrient for more plentiful harvests.

Less food waste

Over a third of the world’s food is lost between farm and fork. Innovative packaging solutions from SABIC are helping global food companies and consumers reduce food waste. Multi-layer pouch packaging made with SABIC® polyolefins is giving food longer shelf life, preventing leakage in a lightweight solution with high sealing integrity.

Making the circular economy go round

SABIC’s collaborations are making it possible to create materials of high enough quality for food packaging by breaking down complex, low-quality waste plastics to their original state. This way, we can use, reuse and repurpose more of our resources without needing new ones, making the circular economy a reality.

Helping children to be students of sustainability.

Working with educational NGOs, SABIC is helping the next generation explore the latest thinking in sustainable living. Our joint programs reach and teach over 100,000 students in 22 countries. Working with schools to make sustainability part of our collective future, it’s a partnership that promotes prosperity and secures our future.


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