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Heavy Truck

Heavy-duty innovation

The heavy-truck industry is facing many challenges and working towards compliance with new rules on greenhouse-gas emissions and fuel-economy standards.

Truck manufacturers must adapt to the new regulations, which is a challenge. Some easy-to-achieve solutions, like low-resistance tires, have already been widely adopted. Developing and applying new technologies is challenging and complex.

Both new technologies and materials are playing important roles. Plastics, metals, and composites are coming together in new ways for designers and engineers.

To make effective choices and innovate, manufacturers need suppliers with proven experience in applying materials for breakthrough performance.

Experienced, Tested, and Proven

SABIC has a long history of designing with thermoplastics for truck manufacturers. Our materials portfolio is rich with options for diverse truck components, from the exterior and interior to under-the-hood, lighting, and trailers.

Behind the scenes, we work with manufacturers to develop new systems that increase standards of performance. This includes developing solutions to enhance truck aerodynamics for fuel efficiency and collaborating on solutions to reduce weight without compromising structural integrity. These solutions increase can increase payload capacity, replace all-metal designs, and reduce cost through parts consolidation and elimination of secondary operations, streamlining production.

Thermoplastics from our portfolio are meeting industry needs, from enhancing occupant comfort and safety to enabling more dynamic, differentiated styling.

Development Support

When evaluating potential partners for your next heavy-duty project, consider support for the development process. This is a SABIC strength. From concept creation, mechanical design, CAE analysis, and material evaluation to part performance simulation, testing, and advanced processing techniques—like additive manufacturing—we have the capabilities to drive innovation.


  • Weight reduction
  • Aerodynamics
  • No primer painting for on- or off-line painting
  • High-heat resistance, thermal management
  • High-impact strength and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced-wear resistance and reduced noise
  • Recyclable solutions
  • Greater design freedom
  • Modularity/parts integration, reduced assembly time
  • Excellent aesthetics, painted class-A finish
  • Steel-like look, feel, and harmony
  • Low CTE for tight body gaps
  • Improved living space and ergonomics


  • Exterior
    • Aero kits 
    • Bumper systems, bumper fascias, and supports 
    • Chassis fairings 
    • Door modules 
    • Fenders, fender supports, and extenders 
    • Front lids 
    • Grilles
    • Hood systems 
    • Headlamp bezels and reflectors; headlamp lenses and side markers 
    • Mirror housings 
    • Panels and trim 
    • Roof fairings and systems 
    • Side air deflectors 
    • Side fairings 
    • Specialty windscreens 
    • Sun visors 
    • Trailer supports, signage, skirts, tails, active systems
  • Interior
    • Bunks and structural parts
    • Cabinetry and structural shelving
    • Hand controls, instrument panels and carriers
    • Interior wall panels
    • Non-structural and semi-structural aesthetic components
    • Seating
  • Lighting components 
  • Under-the-hood components

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