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SABIC Rooflights and Skylights

Rooflights & Skylights

Designs for modern residential and commercial buildings increasingly call for roofing structures that admit large amounts of natural light. This both improves aesthetics and reduces energy cost needed for interior lighting. Our LEXAN™ thermoplastic sheet and innovative solutions from our broad engineering thermoplastics (ETP) portfolio - LEXAN™ resin, SABIC® PMMA and SABIC® PC - can typically produce applications such as decorative exterior and interior rooflights, skylights and window profiles that require excellent optical and mechanical properties.


  • 2-Sides UV protection
  • Daylight (transparency)
  • Easy, simple and fast installation
  • Energy consistent
  • Excellent fire performance
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Hail resistance
  • High thermal insulation (energy efficiency)
  • Light diffusion (comfort light)
  • Lightweight 
  • Product warranty available
  • Safety 
  • Thermoformable (design freedom)
  • Weatherability


  • Conservatories roofing
  • Overhead glazing
  • Skylight
  • Smoke extractor
  • Vault

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