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SABIC Greenhouses


In commercial greenhouses throughout the world, LEXAN™ sheet provides rigid, lightweight glazing that resists UV degradation, hails and storms and offers long-term light transmission and good flame retardance. Specially designed grades have a unique coating on the inner surface. This coating prevents condensation build-up, which can cause crop spoilage, whilst maintaining excellent light transmission.

Part of our broad portfolio of engineering thermoplastic (ETP) solutions, LEXAN™ resin SABIC® PC, SABIC® PMMA and SABIC® POM can provide good light diffusion, thermal insulation and UV protection - key requirements from greenhouse manufacturers.


  • Anti-Condensation performance with LEXAN THERMOCLEAR Dripgard Sheet
  • Excellent fire performance
  • Excellent light transmission
  • High thermal insulation (energy efficiency), U-value
  • Long term weatherability
  • Self-cleaning feature with LEXAN THERMOCLEAR Easy Clean Sheet
  • Diffusion properties with LEXAN THERMOCLEAR Softlite Sheet
  • Hail impact resistant


  • Greenhouse roof covers
  • Greenhouse walls

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