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Display Solutions

From phone screens and large-scale touchscreens to stylized automotive stack displays, healthcare devices and appliances, the color quality and crispness of the display are essential. OEMs and Tier suppliers need material solutions for next generation products that can help them to provide a better user experience by enhancing viewing and interactivity with extended color performance and more intuitive touch response. These solutions also need to provide light diffusion and/or collimation while maximizing light transmission and LED hiding power. They also need solutions that can extend the durability and weatherability of their products, and of course, comply with regulatory requirements for safety. SABIC provides a wide range of material solutions and engineering support to help our customers overcome their design challenges.

SABIC’s flame retardant (FR) engineering thermoplastic resins have enhanced levels of mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties. They comply with Underwriter Laboratory testing protocols and offer a wide variety of product options.


  • Dimensional stability
  • Low birefringence
  • High transparency
  • Material re-use of conversion losses
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Weatherabililty 
  • High product consistency
  • Superior performance in temperature extremes 


  • Aviation, marine, automotive LED displays
  • Cover lens
  • Optical films for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors and TVs 
  • Optical grade with low stress base film
  • Panel light, light ball, light tube & decoration
  • Virtual reality

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