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Drone technologies are revolutionizing the mobility sector, especially in democratizing the airspace. As the breadth of applications increases, mostly in the professional segments, drone software developers and manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of materials and design to advance  safety, flight times, and automation performance of drones. 

SABIC’s Specialties business leverages its expertise in consumer electronics, aerospace, and electric vehicles to support the growth of this emerging industry. We can offer a range of capabilities and expertise to drone designers and manufacturers around the world through our Global Application Technology (GApT) teams in Asia, EMEA and Americas. With SABIC, we can help you take the next generation of drones to new heights. 


Replacing metals and other traditional materials with advanced thermoplastics can help increase drone range and enable miniaturization by reducing weight and expanding design freedom. Thermoplastics also help you address industry requirements such as increased safety, autonomous flying, miniaturization, and range increase while streamlining manufacturing to control cost and increase productivity.


  • Enclosures
  • 5G and GPS antenna
  • Heat sink
  • Gimbal
  • Screws
  • Special RFID
  • Cooling fan
  • Battery housing


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