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NORYL™ SA90 and SA9000 resins are unique low-molecular-weight PPO telechelic copolymers designed specifically for use in a variety of thermoset resins and elastomers. These macromonomers have high solubility in common solvents and monomers plus tailored functionality, resulting in single-phase thermoset materials with enhanced performance. Toughness increases and moisture absorption decreases noticeably with greater PPO resin content. Dielectric properties are very low. This performance profile is well suited as an additive for high performance copper clad laminates.


  • Excellent dielectric properties over wide temperature and frequency ranges)
  • High reactivity
  • Hydrolytic stability and low moisture uptake
  • Solubility in epoxy and various solvents (MEK), cures into epoxy resin
  • Increased toughness and yielding behavior
  • Solubility in monomers such as styrene, di-vinyl benzene and tert-butyl styrene
  • Free-radical- and UV-curable


  • Additives for high performance copper clad laminates

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