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Sensor Solutions

Augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, smart phones, and automation of production are just some of the application spaces that drive the demand for precise yet affordable sensor solutions. 

SABIC’s specialty thermoplastic-based solutions offer easy design of high precision components, simpler assembly by integration of fixtures in the part design, and large builds using injection molding.

Material solutions well suited for sensor applications are available with excellent mechanical, dielectric, thermal, and optical performance to address the need for changing technologies in radiofrequency (RF) and infrared (IR) lenses, fiber optics and optical interconnects. SABIC’s flame retardant (FR) specialty thermoplastics comply with Underwriter Laboratory testing protocols.

A specialized series of EXTEM™ (polyimide) and ULTEM™ (polyetherimide) resins can help to optimize near-IR transparent micro lens design and production. These high-heat resistant thermoplastics have multiple advantages over glass and thermosets. 

  • They offer excellent near IR light transmission 
  • Help enable the design of complex parts like lens arrays in very large volumes
  • Help streamline assembly by integrated fixtures 
  • Are well suited for both diffractive and refractive free-form optics.
  • Economically advantageous large scale production using injection molding

Compared to other thermoplastics, the Edison Gold award-winning EXTEM RH resin series has the extraordinary potential to withstand the high temperatures of reflow soldering to help streamline PCB assembly.


Performance benefits:

  • Balanced dielectric properties 
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Excellent dimension stability
  • Flame retardance
  • Near infrared transmission
  • Reflow soldering compatible, up to 260°C
  • Regulatory compliance

Potential applications:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Optical proximity and gesture recognition sensors
  • 3D cameras and virtual reality headsets
  • Biometric monitoring devices
  • Security systems and smart homes
  • Splice enclosures
  • Video games
  • Waveguides
  • Also, well suited for optical interconnects, fiber optic connectors and adapters


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