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Medical Fluid Delivery

Handling and controlling fluids, for example in IV (intravenous) therapy and enteral (gastrointestinal) fluid delivery, often involve large volume parenteral IV bottles and bags, as well as various pumps to facilitate fluid delivery to the patient and connection devices that integrate the fluid bag/bottle, pump and tubing into a single system. SABIC offers a broad portfolio of materials which can provide transparency, withstand sterilization processes and can enable cost-effective mass production of single use parts.


  • Biocompatibility 
  • EP/USP Class VI
  • Clarity 
  • Ethylene oxide and gamma/E-beam sterilization 
  • Chemical resistance for disposables and pumps
  • Impact resistance for pumps
  • Autoclavable up to 110 °C for IV bottles


  • Stopcocks, luer lock connectors, Y-sites, spikes, clamps, manifolds and check valves
  • Fluid filters
  • Infusion, syringe and feeding pumps
  • Enteral feeding pumps
  • IV bags and kits
  • Large volume parenteral IV bottles
  • Caps and closures

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