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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Equipment including connectors, filtration housings, filtration media, tubing, and multi-layer bags are used in the upstream and downstream manufacturing and processing of biopharmaceuticals. In order to increase production flexibility, reduce costs, and address the need for scaling up clinical trials to commercial production, the use of disposable processing systems – or Single Use Systems (SUS) – is gaining momentum in the industry. To address this trend, SABIC offers a range of materials with low extractables profiles, excellent robustness and superior mechanical properties. These include a range of engineering thermoplastics and polyolefins suitable for use in stringent pharmaceutical applications.


  • EP/USP Class VI
  • Gamma/E-beam and autoclave sterilization
  • Advanced protein compatibility for housings and membranes
  • Clarity and low haze post-sterilization for housings
  • Chemical resistance for housings and membranes
  • Low extractable and leachable profile
  • Excellent mechanical properties for films


  • Connectors, couplings and fittings
  • Filtration and cassette housings
  • Melt-blown membrane media
  • Multi-layer bioreactor bags and Single Use Systems (SUS)
  • Bottles and containers for storage and transport

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