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Pharmaceutical Packaging and Drug Delivery

Pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery systems are important aspects of the value chain, protecting the drug from the environment and facilitating safe administration to the patient. Applications include syringes and pre-filled syringes, pen injectors and Blow Fill Seal (BFS) IV bottles. With a growing market for home-based medical care, there has been an increased focus on patient safety, as well as the need for innovative drug delivery devices that allow for better dosing accuracy and improved patient compliance. SABIC has developed a range of materials to address the complexities of device design, including engineering thermoplastics that provide improved lubricity and stiffness in injection devices, and polypropylenes with increased transparency for use in syringe barrels.


  • Biocompatibility
  • EP/USP Class VI for drug contact materials
  • Ethylene oxide, gamma/E-beam and autoclave sterilization
  • Durability and lightweight
  • Flexibility and squeezability for BFS ampoules and bottles
  • Clarity and colorability
  • Stiffness, impact and wear resistances


  • OTC and prescription bottles and containers
  • Syringes, pen injectors and auto-injectors
  • Needle free injection devices
  • Nasal sprays and inhalers
  • Nebulizers
  • Blow Fill Seal bottles and ampoules
  • Medical  pouches and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) packaging  
  • Small and large volume parenterals   
  • Flexible bags
  • Tamper evident/child resistant caps and closures


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