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Renal and Blood Handling

Handling and managing blood during medical procedures such as cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries, blood donations and kidney dialysis treatments require device materials that provide clarity, chemical resistance and can withstand sterilization processes. Applications include devices to support extracorporeal systems, blood collection and separation, as well as equipment to move, filter, and hold blood. As the number of patients grow due to increasing cases of obesity and diabetics, and while developing economies seek to expand treatment, there is significant cost pressure in this segment. SABIC offers a broad range of transparent, translucent and opaque materials which are compatible with the common sterilization methods and can offer cost productivity vs. existing materials.


  • Biocompatibility 
  • EP/USP Class VI
  • Clarity/translucency for devices
  • Ethylene oxide, gamma/E-beam and autoclave sterilization for devices and membranes
  • Chemical resistance for membranes and devices
  • Flame retardancy for enclosures
  • Weight reduction 
  • Good flow/easy processing for devices and enclosures
  • Dimensional stability, rigidity and ductility for enclosures


  • Blood oxygenators and reservoirs
  • Blood collection and separation bowls
  • Filters (leukocyte/arterial)
  • Renal dialyzer housings
  • Blood filters and membrane media
  • Hemodialysis machine frames, chassis, panels and enclosures

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