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SABIC’s Industrial Automation Capabilities

We enable transmission through plastics. With a differentiated offering of functional compounds combined with testing capabilities and renowned design & calculation tools, SABIC is geared up for metal replacement in gear transmission applications.

Replacement with Advantages

  • From injection molding technologies to functional integration, SABIC solutions enable former metal gear producers to optimize their production output and leverage benefits of economies of scale.
  • Compliant to VDI 2736 Regulatory standards, SABIC’s LNP™ functional compounds allow our customers to leverage design freedom, integrating parts and making them smaller. With that comes an array of performance characteristics that deliver dimension accuracy, resilience, strength, low noise and no need for external lubricants. 

Quicker Time to Market through Verification

  • Risk mitigation matters. But it costs time and development capabilities for our customers. Based on initial design and critical to quality requirements, SABIC experts can produce independently design and calculation data to help customers verify their data before validating their gear applications.
  • SABIC’s testing capabilities for generating data include: Fatigue, Wear, Teeth and Meshing Accuracy, Profile deviations and molding tools to produce gears.

Reliability through Data

  • One of the world’s leading design & calculation tools for gears, KISSSOFT, features SABIC’s full array of dedicated solutions. Such comprehensive material data set makes SABIC the best represented brand to enable designers to use predictive engineering paired with our material properties.  Visit KISSSOFT website here

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