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Rail Glazing

Rail windows must shrug off whatever the environment and people can do to them. New safety requirements, new demands for aesthetics, and new needs for abrasion-resistance -- all may be accomplished with SABIC resins, sheets and laminates.

Virtually unbreakable LEXAN™ resins, and LEXAN sheet from SABIC, especially with MARGARD™ abrasion resistant coatings, offer water-clear transparency, light weight, and a broad range of tinting, decorative and forming options. Glass laminated sheet in particular answers a broad range of rail needs. For high optical quality applications, extruded LEXAN™ MARGARD sheet has one of the tightest measurable specification with regard to black specs, inclusions, bubbles, lints & fibers, distortion and ripples.


  • Extensive weight reduction
  • Strength & stiffness
  • Flame, smoke, toxicity compliancy 
  • Durability/ scratch resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Ease of installation
  • Recyclability 


  • Side windows
  • Door windows
  • Draft screens
  • Carriage partition panels 
  • Glass replacement


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