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SABIC Enables Less Privileged Children To Pursue Education By Addressing Infrastructure Needs & Vision Related Challenges


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SABIC’s initiatives provide vision correction for underprivileged children to pursue education and enhance the school infrastructure.

Ahmedabad/Vadodara, 16 October 2020: SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals has undertaken the effort to support children from less privileged backgrounds through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in the areas of Education and Healthcare.

SABIC, as part of its “They See, They Learn” initiative has worked towards addressing vision related issues among less privileged children. Vision related challenges often prompt a number of students particularly girls to drop out of schools. SABIC has been reaching out to the less privileged students across Government schools to conduct eye checks and distribute free of cost spectacles to children in need. So far, under this program, more than 21,000 students in 160 government schools have benefitted from this initiative.

In collaboration with the implementation partners (SVADES – Society for village Development in Petrochemical Area & UWB – United way of Baroda), SABIC also runs a program towards upgradation and restoration of Government schools. Children in rural areas attend schools, which are in need for upgradation in terms of teaching aids as well as physical infrastructure. SABIC has been working towards equipping the schools with modern infrastructure - equipped to cater the evolving needs. These efforts have helped in renovating and restoring infrastructure across 17 schools

In communities around SABIC’s Vadodara site - the program to upgrade Primary Health Centers has positively benefitted more than 85,000 people. In addition, SABIC in the past has also upgraded the Polymer Science laboratory at M.S. University for the students to gain access to a modern Laboratory.

Janardhanan Ramanujalu, Vice President & Regional Head, SABIC South Asia & ANZ said, “Our CSR efforts aim to benefit less privileged children to help them overcome their challenges and enhance their opportunities to access education. We believe children should not be dropping out due to correctible vision deficiencies or school infrastructure.”

Chetan Soni, Senior Manager, Manufacturing, SABIC said, “It is our continuous effort to be of service to society and improve the quality of life. In Gujarat, our programs in education, eye care and health care infrastructure have helped in bringing children to school as well as enabling them to continue their education. Through strategic interventions in education and eye-care, we are trying to encourage children to pursue their education by removing obstacles in their way.

The company has invested over Rs 3.3 Crores so far to help implement these programs in and around Vadodara, Gujarat.

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