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SABIC exhibits disruptive material solutions at the battery show North America 2023


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SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, is highlighting today at The Battery Show North America 2023, in Booth #2905, its latest breakthroughs in advanced polymers and specialty engineering resins for potential use in electric vehicle (EV) batteries and energy storage systems.

Among the innovations on display are material and application developments made under the company’s BLUEHERO™ electrification initiative. These include a 2.2 m injection-molded battery top cover prototype made with STAMAX™ resin, illustrating the feasibility of manufacturing larger enclosures; and a public EV charger concept that demonstrates the comprehensive use of polymers for electrical and electronic components. Also spotlighted, from SABIC’s Specialties business, are ultra-thin-wall insulation films well suited for EV battery modules made with NORYL™ NHP resins; and a lightweight, laminated sandwich panel with impact-resistant honeycomb structures made with NORYL GTX™ resin.

According to Fahad Al-Harthi, director of SABIC’s Automotive Polymers business: “Consumer adoption of EVs is influenced by cost, range, safety and access to a reliable charging infrastructure. SABIC is helping to address these challenges with our expanding polymers and specialty engineered resins portfolios, dedicated technical support, global manufacturing capability and sustainability leadership through our TRUCIRCLE™ program and BLUEHERO electrification initiative. With this combination of materials and support, SABIC is helping to facilitate the transition to zero-emissions vehicles, and – perhaps most important – shorten time to market to address growing demand.”

Replacing Metal in Charging Infrastructure

Material solutions for charging stations must support enhanced design freedom and manufacturing efficiency to optimize system costs and simplify installation. Replacing the metal components used in many charger components with advanced polymers from SABIC that reduce weight and enable part consolidation can help accelerate the expansion of the charging infrastructure without sacrificing performance.

Achieving the Highest CTI Performance Level Category with Specialty Thermoplastics

To help meet EV manufacturers’ stringent demands for higher-voltage batteries, SABIC’s Specialties business introduced its award-winning NORYL NHP8000VT3 resin in 2022. This year, the newly developed portfolio of NORYL NHP specialty resins is on display at SABIC’s booth. These polyphenylene ether (PPE)-based resins achieve the highest comparative tracking index performance level category (CTI PLC0) and are well suited for insulation film used in EV battery modules.

Elevating the Focus on Fire Safety with Automotive Polymers

As automakers transition their EVs to higher-voltage systems (600-800V and above), the performance of EV batteries when exposed to high heat, external fires and thermal runaway has become more critical. Thermoplastic battery modules have been shown to maintain their integrity under elevated thermal and pressure loads, allowing occupants more time to escape. At SABIC’s exhibit, visitors can explore several solutions from SABIC’s portfolio designed to address flammability concerns.

At its booth, SABIC is discussing notable milestones. For example, STAMAX 30YH570 resin, a featured product under the BLUEHERO initiative, is the first polymer for EV battery applications to receive UL Verification for flame delay performance. Additionally, LNP™ ELCRIN™ WF008NXPiQ resin – a material from SABIC’s Specialties portfolio that uses ocean-bound polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles as a feed stream for chemical upcycling into polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin – is the company’s first solution to receive a UL Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Real-World Application Examples on Display

Featured solutions at the show from SABIC’s portfolios of advanced polymers and specialty engineering resins well suited for the automotive and EV space include:

  • A new, 2.2 m long injection molded battery top cover prototype, illustrating the manufacturability of larger battery enclosures using flame-retardant STAMAX long glass fiber polypropylene (LGF-PP) resin.
  • A battery pack demonstrator with an all-thermoplastic prototype, including enclosures, covers, energy absorbers, cell spacers and cell frames, to help maximize lightweighting, flame retardance, dimensional stability and chemical resistance.
  • Structural components to consider for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), including frames and bumpers, molded from SABIC polymers and specialty engineered resins, which provide high strength, stiffness, and impact resistance for durability, along with the potential for weight reduction.
  • The ACCUMALUX full battery housing showcasing LNP copolymer materials with desirable properties such as low-temperature performance, impact resistance and UL94 V0-rated flame retardance. LNP copolymers are also available with up to 50 percent recycled content.


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