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Our Business

We are a strong and diversified global business, proud to be an industry leader that is transforming and shaping the future of our sector. Our portfolio is deep and rich across petrochemicals, agri-nutrients and metals, while our presence in around 50 countries worldwide means we are close to our customers with the ability and agility to anticipate and respond to their changing needs.

Operating with Transparency

Saudi Arabia, propelled by its economic transformation plan, Vision 2030, is moving towards a bright future – growing, changing and preparing for more local entrepreneurship, more foreign investment and more investment in human capital to make this all happen.

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SHARED SERVICES: Reframing Supplier Governance and Relationship

At SABIC we maintain a highly internationalized and interlinked supply chain with complex global operations. Every year, we raise expectations and accountability, and in 2023, our global supply chain delivered approximately 31 million tons of products to some 20,000 locations in over 140 countries – working in close collaboration with over 500 logistics service providers worldwide.

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The Role of the Petrochemical Sector in Supporting High Skill Job Creation and Driving

At SABIC, human capital is our most valued asset. As global petrochemical companies adapt to the megatrends that are shaping our world in exciting new ways, our industry must continue to foster its growth through talent.

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Serving customers in more than 140 countries, and with 64 world-class manufacturing and compounding plants across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas, SABIC is a truly global business.

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At SABIC, Internal Audit makes a vital contribution to successful and sustainable value creation. Our excellence in this area allows us to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of internal control environments supporting our business strategy and underpinning the organization’s continued success.

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Despite the challenges of COVID-19, SABIC’s performance during the pandemic remained robust, largely due to our foresight and resilience. The organizational transformation program we launched some years ago proved its worth – alongside the commitment and adaptability of our employees worldwide.

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Risk Management and Preparedness at SABIC

Today’s businesses operate in an increasingly complex global market, where those with operations in multiple markets are often exposed to greater risk.

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SABIC Reaffirms Commitment to Our Partnership with CHINA

2021 marked the twentieth anniversary of the inaugural BFA conference, where SABIC participated as an Honorary Strategic Partner. 

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Acting as a catalyst for the Kingdom’s priority projects, NUSANED™ is SABIC’s first integrated Localization Engine. Formed with a vision for the future, NUSANED™ is driving advancement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector, through sponsorship of competitive industrial ventures and support of strategic partnerships.


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SABIC in the Americas

For more than 30 years, SABIC has been operating in the Americas—a key market in driving our vision to be the preferred world leader in chemicals.

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The SABIC Brand

Building and protecting a strong brand is essential today for any large organization. It drives greater differentiation and customer loyalty, and brings additional benefits, including enhanced employee loyalty and advocacy.

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SABIC is a global petrochemicals leader with a strong commitment and presence in the Asia Pacific region for more than 30 years.

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An Ecosystem for Growth and Innovation

Manufacturing plays an integral role in any thriving economy. It fuels trade and innovation, providing valuable jobs and reducing reliance on international supply of essential goods. 

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Toward a greener Europe: SABIC’s commitment to inclusive innovation

In 2022, SABIC will mark twenty years of serving our customers in Europe. Our presence in almost all European countries, and a global footprint as the third largest diversified chemical company, truly enables us to bring Chemistry That Matters™ to the region.

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SABIC Intellectual Property

SABIC’s strategy sets forth a roadmap for the company to realize its vision of becoming the preferred world leader in chemicals and a true global powerhouse in the industry by delivering ‘Chemistry that Matters™’. 

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At SABIC, collaboration is central to our ability to grow and transform. In pursuit of becoming the preferred world leader in chemicals, we have enhanced our business operations and implemented new ways of collaborative working through a key function: Shared Services.

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Joint Ventures: Growth through Partnership

SABIC is an industry leader that is transforming and shaping the future of the chemicals sector. As one of the world’s largest diversified chemical companies, we have a deep and diverse portfolio which is supported by having the right partners and joint ventures (JVs).

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Driving Industry Leadership.. Engineering and Project Management at SABIC

At SABIC, Engineering & Project Management (E&PM) plays a vital role in realizing our vision to become the preferred world leader in chemicals. It provides the critical support needed during the engineering, construction and operational phases of our major petrochemical projects around the world.

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