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LEXAN™ Resin

  • Grades Available: 109
  • Available in: Europe, Asia, Americas
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General Information


Lexan™ polycarbonate resins are amorphous engineering thermoplastics characterized by a high level of mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties.

Regulatory Information

The Regulatory Data Sheet (RDS) contains information about product compliance with respect to specific regulations, laws, and directives such as RoHS, REACH-SVHC, POPs and other restricted substances.

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) contains relevant information that enables safe handling, storage, transportation and use of a grade. SDS'es are available from the “Download Documents” section of each grade. If an SDS is not available for your particular region and/or language, please use the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page to request a specific SDS.


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Associated Documents

Regulatory Data Sheet

English, Published 1/18/2022

FMVSS302 General Statement SABIC Petchem

English, Published 1/1/2022

Certified Renewable Polycarbonate Brochure

English, Published 5/13/2021

Certified Renewable Polycarbonate Leaflet

English, Published 4/1/2020

LEXAN™ Resin Europe

English, Published 3/20/2020

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