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SABIC® PPcompound

  • Grades Available: 180
  • Available in: Europe, Asia, MEA, Americas, Global
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General Information


SABIC® PP Compounds are materials based on polypropylene that is blended with other components such as impact modifiers, mineral fillers, glass fibers, pigments and stabilizers. These compounds are based on SABIC's advaced polypropylenes and provide properties such as improved strength and stiffness, while maintaining the low density and chemical resistance known for polypropylenes.


SABIC® PP Compound products are typically used in:

  • automotive applications
  • home appliances
  • small appliances
  • electrical power tools and various electrical equipments
  • waterpumps and watermanagement systems
  • furnitures
  • pipe and construction industries


Widely utilized accross many industries, SABIC® PP Compounds bring significant value to:

  • The specific needs of your applications over its lifetime by offering an upgraded material propery balance compared to standard PP
  • Reduce production costs by leveraging the lower density and ease of processing of PP to replace other thermoplastic materials
  • Enabling total system costs reduction by eliminating secondary operations such as painting, coating or assembly.


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Associated Documents

FMVSS302 Norm Europe

English, Published 1/1/2022

HAPSOFT™ PP Compounds for Luxurious Interiors

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SABIC® PP Compounds Brochure

English, Published 4/11/2019


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