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XYLEX™ Resin

  • Grades Available: 12
  • Available in: Europe, Americas, Asia
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General Information


STRONG CHEMICAL RESISTANCE PLUS CLARITY XYLEX resins are a transparent blend of polycarbonate (PC) and an amorphous polyester. Compared to PC, the polyester in XYLEX resin provides enhanced chemical resistance against certain fluids, enhancing the resin's stress crack resistance. It also permits lower processing temperatures than straight PC.


CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Resistant to pool and spa chemicals, automotive fluids, alcohols, cleaning fluids, food ingredients, and health & beauty compounds

HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH Impact strength similar to polycarbonates

CLARITY As clear as polycarbonates - almost indistinguishable from standard window glass

WEATHERABILITY Grades include UV stabilized formulations, as well as inherently-weatherable polyester resin for outstanding external application life

HIGH FLOW Good mold flow for thin-section parts

Regulatory Information

The Regulatory Data Sheet (RDS) contains information about product compliance with respect to specific regulations, laws, and directives such as RoHS, REACH-SVHC, POPs and other restricted substances.

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) contains relevant information that enables safe handling, storage, transportation and use of a grade.

SDS'es are available for download from the "SABIC SDS Portal". User guidance to support your search efforts can be downloaded here.

If an SDS is not available for your particular region and/or language, please follow the directions in the portal or user manual to request a specific SDS.


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Associated Documents

Regulatory Data Sheet

English, Published 1/30/2023

FMVSS302 General Statement SABIC Petchem

English, Published 1/11/2023

XYLEX™ PC Polyester Resin

English, Published 1/19/2017


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