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Water measurement

Water Measurement

Accurate monitoring of both water quality and quantity is an integral component to the water infrastructure across the globe. Water loss is estimated to be as high as 40% in some countries due to lack of metering and aged infrastructure. Advanced sensors monitor the quality of everything from surface to ground to industrial (produced) water. Polymeric residential water meters are growing due to new low lead regulations in potable water and to their superior corrosion resistance and reduced risk of theft. SABIC offers a variety of solutions which could help you to save costs and improve your operations in the water measurement industry. Our materials can provide you the opportunity to consolidate parts and comply with low-lead regulations.


  • Long-term hydrolytic stability
  • Resistance to chlorine and other water disinfectants
  • Superior fatigue and wear resistance
  • Fluctuating pressure and ‘water hammer’ endurance
  • Good dimensional stability


  • Water meter bodies
  • Internal water meter parts (measuring chamber, flow discs)
  • Water meter register housings and lenses
  • Analytical equipment (electrode housings)
  • Sensor bodies (conductivity meters) 


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