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Structural Solutions

Mobile phone, tablet and laptop housings and internal frames serve a dual purpose - they must look good, and they must stand up to hard use from consumers. In addition, they need to provide thin wall strength and, in some cases, flame retardancy. SABIC can help manufacturers save total system cost by supporting design integration, process simplification and potential elimination of secondary processes, such as painting.

SABIC has developed a broad portfolio of materials that have a wide range of toughness, stiffness and thin-wall design capability. LEXAN™ FR, CYCOLOY™ FR, and VALOX™ FR resins, LEXAN™ HMD and LEXAN™ EXL copolymers, as well as specific grades of THERMOCOMP™ and THERMOTUF™ compounds offer a range of regulatory and environmental label-compliant choices that have been engineered to meet the challenges of high performance consumer electronics. Their excellent flow and processability combined with good mechanical properties meet the demands for lightweight, thin-wall designs and knit-line strength.

Select compounds are compatible with non-conductive vacuum metallizing (NCVM), physical vapor desposition (PVD) and other sputtering metallizing processes, which can be used to produce a high quality metallic look, or to impart EMI shielding capabilities.

SABIC has also developed a series of reinforced and optimized THERMOTUF™ compounds for use in nano-mold technology, enabling hybrid metal/plastic designs without the use of adhesives or complicated mechanical interlocks.


  • Broad range of toughness and stiffness for structural integrity
  • Good surface aesthetics
  • Thin wall flame retardance 
  • Warpage control 
  • Chemical resistance
  • Broad color capabilities 
  • Impact resistance 
  • Durability
  • NCVM and PVD-capable


  • External housings
  • Front and rear frames 
  • Back covers
  • Antenna covers
  • 3D printers
  • Laptop housing
  • Switches

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