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The Role of the Petrochemical Sector in Supporting High Skill Job Creation and Driving

At SABIC, human capital is our most valued asset. Our investments in our teams and talents continually position us as a top employer in our key markets and will allow us to maintain our competitive advantage for years to come. 

As global petrochemical companies adapt to the megatrends that are shaping our world in exciting new ways, our industry must continue to foster its growth through talent. Our unique approach to Human Resources (HR) encourages continuous learning, open dialogue, and career development, while rewarding great performance. We know that having the right processes in place with regard to human capital development is vital as we continue our journey to become the preferred world leader in chemicals. To support our vision, we have launched several programs that prepare young Saudis for the emerging labour market while driving high level job creation in the industry. These programs have been designed to help our people thrive, while allowing us to contribute effectively towards the realization of the Saudi Vision 2030.

In parallel, we have also been actively supporting the growth and development of SMEs by leveraging our core strengths in technology and intellectual property, while helping to unlock the skills, materials and access to financial support that these businesses need. From virtual boot camps aimed at young Saudis who are just embarking on their careers, to practical support for SMEs and local entrepreneurs that helps turn their ambitions into reality - at SABIC, we are using our strengths to help deliver a bright future for the Kingdom:


To be a leader in the petrochemicals industry, innovation is crucial to success. During 2020, Saudi youth from across Saudi Arabia participated in a month-long virtual boot camp to develop marketable skills and knowledge and prepare them for the workforce. A collaboration between SABIC and the University of the Prince Mugrin in Madinah, this educational experience was conducted over eight sessions, with more than 3,500 participants.

In 2021, the SABIC Summer Program for Employees’ Children also saw over 500 male and female students benefit from an innovative, virtual learning environment. Among some of the topics covered were SABIC’s vision, values and role in Saudi Vision 2030, digital transformation, the future of business, and smart simulation – among others.


We launched NUSANED™ to serve as SABIC’s integrated engine for achieving its localization agenda, while supporting the nationalization of jobs as well as the growth of SMEs and local industry. In 2021 alone, NUSANED committed more than SAR 170 million in investments supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). NUSANED achieves its goals through four key pillars, one of which is Muahal, the workforce development arm of NUSANED. Muahal focuses on creating new jobs, while localizing current ones and enhancing local employers’ capabilities. Since its launch, Muahal has generated over 10,100 jobs in the Kingdom.Through programs like NUSANED, we are not only leading the way in the transformation of the Kingdom’s workforce – but also increasing local procurement in our industry and boosting national GDP.

Saudi HR Think Tank

Our people are the reason for our success and, knowing this, we are committed to promoting a culture of best practice in Saudi Arabia, in the petrochemicals industry and in our own operations. That’s why we launched the Saudi HR Think Tank (SHRTT) in 2018 in partnership with Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.[ (Ministry of Civil Service at that time) to support capacity building in the Kingdom, and the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. SHRTT is a platform for connection, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, and aims to grow its membership and create further tangible impact. It does so by bringing together senior HR leaders from around the world and combining rigorous research with examples of global best practice in HR. Hands-on workshops are also supporting development and bringing a practical element into the equation.

These programs provide a snapshot of our commitment to our workforce and affiliates. As the world moves beyond the pandemic, we will focus on leveraging our resources in support of the drive for a strong, growing and sustainable national economy – one that can provide jobs for Saudis, and meet their needs for the future. In the end, it is not only important to ensure they can compete in an evolving job market, but to solidify their place as an essential part of it.

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