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Our Future

Our business is about innovation, finding solutions which drive change and economic development through collaboration. Our heritage places relationships at the center of our operating model, allowing us to not only understand and anticipate customer needs, but to jointly develop solutions that drive value throughout our customers’ businesses.

From making cars and planes more fuel efficient to conserving water and maximizing crop yields in harsh farming environments, we innovate to find solutions which help our customers achieve their ambitions. Since 2015, we have invested $2.3 billion in technology and innovation to stay ahead of the market.

Technology and Innovation Today

Even before the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalization and the mitigation of climate change were both high on the global chemical industry’s agenda.

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SABIC’s Role in Driving Science & Technology Education Globally

At SABIC, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts focus on four priority areas: Science & Technology Education, Environmental Protection, Health & Wellness, and Water & Sustainable Agriculture along with a commitment to community giving and providing assistance to people who need it most.

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The Path to Electrification

At SABIC, we recognize both the profound effects of climate change and the opportunity which exists for businesses to take a leading role in carving the path toward a low carbon economy.

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SABIC’s Digital Transformation Journey

The development of digital capabilities is essential for businesses to compete and grow as the world moves towards a digital economy.

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The Power of Partnership

At SABIC, we deliver practical, sustainable solutions that help solve some of the world’s most pressing issues – from inadequate food supplies, to the fuel efficiency of everyday vehicles.

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Future Proofing Success Through Collaborative Innovation

At SABIC our Corporate Technology and Innovation (T&I) team work collaboratively to meet the needs of our customers and the value chain of today and tomorrow.

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