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Greenhouse with pepper plant and drip irrigiation


Irrigation systems help to increase the yield of agriculture, while ensuring the economic use of water. Drip irrigation supplies water directly to the crops. This limits the amount of water loss through evaporation and supports irrigation that is more efficient. Traditional systems waste a lot of water by overwatering or run off. Irrigation pipes bridge large distances between the water supply and the crops.

SABIC solutions for agriculture offer:

  • Excellent ESCR
  • Mechanical toughness
  • Good processability
  • Flexibility
  • Pressure resistance.

Potential applications

  • Pressure and drip irrigation
  • Drainage

SABIC materials for Agriculture applications

These are just a few examples of SABIC’s materials. For specific product selection, please contact SABIC technical team. You can find more about SABIC material solutions by clicking on the relevant product line below.


Product Grades Product Group


Product Grades Product Group
P952 HDPE Natural
Vestolen A 6060R PE100 black
P6006AD PE100 black
P6006 PE100 black
F01552 HDPE Natural

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