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SPADC Building Riyadh

Innovation support across the globe

SABIC has 3 Center of Excellent Application sites (CoE) for pipe applications located in Saudi Arabia and two regional application centers for pipes located in China and Europe. All three centers are engaged in the development of new material recipes, the development of innovative pipe concepts, and collaborations with our partners.

Our application center in Riyadh is closely working with our partners in the value chain across the globe. The center hosts extensive capabilities for extrusion of single-walled pipes from polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinylchloride. The center recently added a state-of-the-art new multilayer pipe extrusion set-up to enable support on a variety of new and existing multilayer concepts.

The center is equipped with extensive pipe testing capabilities, ranging from internal pressure testing, to impact testing (S4), to pipe welding as well as for pipe resin testing, such as Full Notch Creep testing or strain hardening, tensile testing or impact testing.

Recently, the center has been expanding its scope to support our partners in the field of reinforced thermoplastic pipe solutions. 

Our center in Europe is equipped with polyolefin pipe extruders and hosts a range of pipe and resin tests, paralleling the testing capacity at our center in Riyadh. Many of the material and pipe tests are ISO accredited to support customer questions and audits.  

Our center in China is equipped with one polyolefin pipe extruder for small diameters and a selection of relevant pipe tests as well as an extensive analytical lab to support the regional value chain and to develop new products targeted at the APAC region.

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