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SABIC Stories

For over 45 years, our ambition to define the future of petrochemicals has yielded solutions for the challenges of today and helped our customers achieve their ambitions for a better tomorrow. We are making a meaningful impact in the world and delivering Chemistry that Matters™.

Our business

We are a strong and diversified global business, proud to be an industry leader that is transforming and shaping the future of our sector. Our portfolio is deep and rich across chemicals, polymers, agri-nutrients and metals, while our presence in around 50 countries worldwide means we are close to our customers with the ability and agility to anticipate and respond to their changing needs.

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Our World

We make life better for the billions of people every day who are touched by our solutions. As a trusted partner for sustainable and inclusive growth, we are helping to future proof societies against the megatrends facing the world from social, economic and environmental perspectives.

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Our People

Activating the power of human capital to address society’s future challenges is fundamental to our business. Our investments in our teams and talents continually position us as a top employer in our markets and hold the key to maintaining our competitive advantage for years to come.

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Our Future

Our business is about innovation, finding solutions which drive change and economic development through collaboration. Our heritage places relationships at the center of our operating model, allowing us to not only understand and anticipate customer needs, but to jointly develop solutions that drive value throughout our customers’ businesses.

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